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TaneDakara Seedling Soil® has the same quality and germination rate of peat moss.

A local product, 100% manufactured in Thailand with Technology from Japan.

Follow these three steps for successful germination:

#1 - Prepare the tray to the seedling.
Put the TaneDakara Seedling Soil into the seedling container. Fill all holes if you are using a seedling. If you want to use any other kind of container, make sure you will fill approximately 3/4 container. Remember to choose one that has drainage.


#2 - Make a hole to put the seed.
Use a small stick, like an Ice-cream stick, for example, to make one hole per unit in the seedling tray. If you are placing in a big container, make use you are using the stick to make a row, a line where you are going to put the seeds.


#3 - Sprinkle the seeds.
Make sure you are putting one seed per hole in the seedling tray. If you made a groove line in a big container, make sure you are keeping the right spacing between seeds according to the kind of plan you are going to sprout. After, cover the seeds with TaneDakara Seedling Soil and water it to make it moist. 


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